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Taurus 3-Charm Necklace. Gemini May 21 - June Gemini Constellation Necklace. Gemini Interstellar Star Maps Necklace.

Gemini Stellina Necklace. Gemini Baby Stellina Necklace. Gemini Stargazer Necklace. Gemini Astral Cuff Bracelet.

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Gemini 3-Charm Necklace. Gemini Zodiac Talisman Charm Necklace. Cancer June 21 - July Cancer Constellation Necklace. Cancer Interstellar Star Maps Necklace. Cancer Stellina Necklace. Cancer Baby Stellina Necklace.

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Cancer Stargazer Necklace. Cancer Astral Cuff Bracelet. Cancer 3-Charm Necklace. Leo July 23 - August Leo Constellation Necklace. Leo Interstellar Star Maps Necklace. Leo Stellina Necklace. Leo Baby Stellina Necklace. Leo Stargazer Necklace. Leo Astral Cuff Bracelet. Leo 3-Charm Necklace.

Virgo August 23 - September Virgo Constellation Necklace. Virgo Interstellar Star Maps Necklace. Virgo Stellina Necklace. Virgo Baby Stellina Necklace. Virgo Stargazer Necklace. Virgo Astral Cuff Bracelet. Astrologer and avid traveler Susan Miller says the answers to many of these questions could lie in our zodiac signs.

Astrological Sign: Taurus

If that name sounds familiar, it's because the founder of AstrologyZone is the favored astrologer of millions around the world; her horoscopes are read online by 11 million people each month. But travel hasn't always been a part of Miller's life: having suffered from a debilitating, painful congenital condition for much of her childhood, she says she felt as though life began at This summer, Miller is traveling to Daios Cove , a luxury resort in Crete , where she's hosting a weeklong residency from June 2 to 9, featuring a series of talks and private readings.

So who should you bring along with you to visit Miller in Greece—or anywhere you go, for that matter? We asked her to weigh in on the best travel buddy for every star sign. You relish the feel of the plush robes in the spa, the smell of lavish aromatherapy, and the pleasure of a massage. Plan a vacation with plenty of luxury and not too much rushing around, like a relaxing, indulgent adult holiday at an exclusive resort with no kids or, failing that, an upscale hotel with babysitters. Geminis, social butterflies who love making new friends and interacting with locals, should book a group tour.

May 21 — June 20 A social butterfly, you love traveling, learning, and experiencing new things. Once at your destination, take public transport so you can strike up conversations with locals. Gemini is the sign of siblings, so plan a trip with your brothers or sisters—or book yourself on a group tour to make new friends. Since Cancers also enjoy a great relationship with their parents, plan an extended family vacation with the kids in tow.

The crab does not like to move around too much; so try to slow down on your next trip, savoring home cooking in small restaurants and meeting locals. July 23 — August 22 Spot a red carpet and a Leo will not be far from it.

Venus enters Scorpio

A fire sign, you relish glamour and excitement, and prefer staying in five-star hotels and booking tables at Michelin-starred restaurants. Mars in Aquarius is giving you energy, courage, optimism and drive from November 18th to December 19th. Man oh man, if I only had a brain. I MEAN. Standish of Standish , an novel, may have popularized this idea as included a turkey being served at the first Indian and Pilgrim meal.

So much good news for you cheddar Goldfish cracker! This month you are going to be traveling a ton. Can I please have some? This planet is going to leave you clues that point you in the right direction. Eyeballs out and focused on the shoreline like a sailor. Who said it: Susan Miller or Snoop Dogg? You still will this month, but man will you be rolling around in dough.

Luckily, all money talk ends November 14th because is anything more boring? Except for money diaries. Those are pretty funny. Not mine. Mine was just scary. What else what else. That right there, baked into her positive prediction, is a reminder that the stars are just a guide! You have to really lead the way. No compass?

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No worries. Per Suz, you will be kind of psychic this month. I know! Wild turkeys can fly to up 55mph. I never realized it before but here I am, world, an Evan Rachel Wood fan! You do not want to pull that hair ball out of the tub. Oh no.

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As a result, factory turkeys, most of which are Broad Breasted Whites, are unable to breed naturally, and female turkeys are all artificially inseminated. And actually it really is just encouraging you to take a little mini vaycay, ay bay bay?

This mirroring effect means they will be stronger than ever and support you like crazy. Am I fired yet? Not sure. Then things will slow down! Get ready to put your chilling-hard pants on around November 14th. You can wear them all the way until Thanksgiving is over. On the 29th, form a partnership but be deliberate about it.

No beating around the bush, regardless of how you and your partner choose to trim or not trim!